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Sensual Paddles produces the highest quality handmade products with a lifetime guarantee.  If you have a problem with anything you buy, ship it back and we’ll make it right.  These are adult toys for entertainment purposes.

You can order through this website or by sending an e-mail and order by product #.  You will be sent an invoice through PAYPAL and when it is paid, the order will be shipped.  Shipping charges are $7 per shipment regardless of the size of the order. Discrete Packaging: Your shipment will come in a plain box with “SP” as the company and a post office box as the return address. Billing for PayPal will show wjt associates,

CONTACT US – bill4012@yahoo.com



Lady January Frost

The Ministry of Boulder has almost the full Sensual Paddles collection. There is nothing to say about Sensual Paddles. They speak for themselves. It is fun to show my patrons the wood; make them feel the cold wood on their bottoms; then take a swing back and hit them with the foam side. The sound is surprisingly loud with only a small amount of sting. I love playing with their minds. I like to show the foam side to those that make a fuss about the pain. I say: “You’ve just been hit by a Nerf bat. Are you really that weak?”  

Mixing the foam side with an occasional swing with the wood side, keeps them guessing. It allows for long continuous sessions with little or no bruising as they desire.

The wood finish and the foam are resistant to toy cleaners. I use Clorox wipes after each use with no ill effects to the paddles.

The best part about the paddles is the one who maintains them for me. If anything goes wrong with a paddle, you are there to fix it and often make it better than it was before: after long sessions I noticed the design of the handle’s contour was irritating my knuckle. I suggested a small change. It was immediately incorporated! That is half of the reason I like using Sensuous Paddles.

Thank you.

Sensual Paddle’s note: Lady Frost has used our paddles since 2014. We have built several custom paddles to her specifications. Because of their constant use at the Ministry, she has proven the durability of all our products. They also seem to be popular with her patrons.


Miss Chris

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“As a full time professional Disciplinarian of just under 10 years, I’ve spanked my fair share of bums, and have used quite a wide range of implements. I’ve even managed to develop quite a collection of some of the best and most unique implements out there! That being said, Bill’s dual sided wood and foam creations are a pleasure to wield. I can lull my bottom into subspace with one side, or very quickly get their attention with the other side and a firm flick of the wrist. Many people ask where I’ve gotten this unique paddle, and I will always say Sensual Paddles is the place to go if you want a unique paddle, with a unique feel.”