Our canes are something REALLY special!

We start with top quality rattan, it is steamed and stretched, sanded smooth, then we use our special vacuum infusing process with linseed oil for several weeks, the canes are then dried and finished with three coats of a hard varathane finish to give our canes a spectacular look and feel. This process is long and laborious, but it is worth the effort.

Why are our oil filled canes better?

First, unlike unfinished rattan canes these do not need to be soaked in water before use. The oil, soaks deep into the fibers makings the Cane denser, heavier, more flexible and less likely to break than an ordinary rattan punishment cane. No matter which end of the cane you are on, oil filling provides for a unique FEEL that must be experienced to be appreciated! Because our canes have a hard varathane finish, they look great and can be cleaned with any anti bacterial cleaner.

Our beautiful canes are more than just a pretty face, they set high bar for performance that other canes just cannot match and at a great price! We found similar canes selling for $65, $75, and more, making our canes a real bargain. We offer a variety of sizes and handle styles so you can choose the cane that is just right for you… Or at these prices, buy several and have the cane that is just right for your mood.

Handle styles include:
Traditional style handle canes are a simple curved handle.
Contemporary handles are wrapped with nylon para-cord and sealed at both ends providing a comfortable anti-slip grip we add a lanyard to hang or display your cane when it is waiting to be used.

We now offer two types of canes. We are still offering our traditional peeled rattan canes, and now we offer Kooboo rattan canes. What is the difference? Rattan is a natural product, each cane will have its own unique characteristics’. Kooboo rattan canes tend to be straighter then peeled rattan. Peeled rattan on the other and tends to be more flexible. The choice is yours. Pick the cane that is right for you. The Kooboo canes come in a variety of handle colors, and as you can see from the pictures some are decorated by burning the surface. We are somewhat limited in inventory on the kooboo so if you want some particular color or finish send us an email we will do our best to accommodate.

WARNING: If used aggressively theses canes can leave deep red welts, cause severe busing or may even break the skin!

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